Double Barrel Ideas

This is a Major project blog entry to kick off the switchboard media job we are working on at college.

looking at first impressions, we talked up the double barrel logo

first up

double barrel waves – pretty scary

the feeling was, try not to make it look like the Billabong, roxy or other surf brand logos

had a good idea based on the point of view of inside the barrel of a wave looking out over the shoulder of a surfer, with the sprocket holes along the top & bottom of the Icon/logo.


forming the Fibonacci or golden mean pattern from the curl of the wave.

double barrel shotgun idea. the two gun barrels made out of water… mirrored circular shapes. two bullet holes, no concepts looked that convincing…

two empty barrels bobbing in the water. again, nope…


Then toyed with the idea of using a set of old french curves (above) to make stylised waves, and using motion graphics to animate them simply to form the above static example, while stylised film frames and sprocket holes flicker from right to left across the base of the image. Maybe use the turquoise tones from the previous example as colours… or grunge it up even?

This is my favourite one so far…